Rodney Chandler’s passion and appreciation for construction began at a young age by building a tree house for himself and other kids in his neighborhood when he was ten years old. Rodney gained a sense of fulfillment in knowing that he created something of value that other kids admired and wanted to have in their back yard. Decades later, Rodney built his own personal residence and knew home building was where he wanted to spend his career. He started his own company in 1992 and he has been building since. Rodney’s attention to detail, project management skills and multi-tasking ability are skills that were honed as a result of working in numerous management positions at fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. In addition, a lifelong friend continued to encourage Rodney to develop his God given talents so that others could enjoy his gift.

Rodney’s commitment to the communities he serves – and the generation of homeowners who have come to expect the very best in historically correct European homes is what fuels his passion for every home he builds.